The Slow Growth of the Spanish Property Market

The Spanish property market will move to the rhythm of the slow hand of a watch according to the latest reports

Is the Spanish property market finally picking up?

Is the Spanish property market finally picking up?

on the Spanish property market. The market has now entered a stabilization process that will last for two years (2014 and 2015) to resume its expansion from 2015 .

” The time of stabilization seems to be close ,” said an estate agent in the Costa Blanca resort of Javea. The evolution of price and house sales usually follow the same pattern throughout the economic cycle. Like the hands of a clock mechanism, the real estate situation progresses along four different phases: expansion , slowdown, followed by contraction and stabilization. And for 2015, both home sales and prices will return to expansionary phase , or in other words , will rise again .

According to certain banks in Spain, the market is at the gates of the latter phase we start the cycle again . “This measure is clearly seen in the U.S. housing market where, between 2005 and 2012 , the needles have already completed one lap and have returned to the expansive phase , with price increases and house sales picking up and expected to continue to rise inĀ  2014 .

This still remains to be seen before we can say house values are going up for sure, but it is good news for the thousands of home owners who have been living with negative equity since the collapse of the market in 2008.

To get an idea of what you can expect to pay for a property in Spain in 2014, take a look at this article. You should bear in mind that this is one of the more exclusive holiday resorts on the Costa Blanca, and prices will be lower for those who are prepared to buy inland away from the coast. However, inland properties are not so easy to rent out, and you will not have as many attractions for visitors and tourists on your doorstep.